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Meet the Artist: @pencilandcocoa

Welcome back to another one of our “Meet the Artist” interview series!

Today, we bring you a super fun interview with an amazing artist who goes by @pencilandcocoa on Instagram.

We had the great opportunity to animate one of their art pieces for our digital magazine’s Instagram page. As many of you already know, we have so much more interactive and fun additions to our magazine on our Instagram page (@latinachikaspeaks) that are just not possible on our website. One of those additions is our animations that are created by our staff of artists online who we love and want to see exposed more. Beyond animation of art, we also create animations of different kinds of artists, such as makeup artists, fashion bloggers, photographers, etc. We appreciate their commitment to the art and would love to see them get more attention for the hard work they put in. @pencilandcocoa is no exception!

Below is the art piece we had the honor to work with and share on our IG. (Check out the animation here.)

Beyond this highly detailed and beautiful digital art piece, we wanted to get to know the artist more and find out more about these cute bunny characters that fill their art portfolio. Our interview will give you a glimpse into these two super kawaii characters, as well as many other art styles they also create art with! Come along for the ride….

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