Meet the Makeup Artist: @serenitythegalaxy

5. What style of make up looks did you start with? Is it the same today? If it has changed, why do you think that is?

The only other “art” I know is the “art of words,” since I like to write and I find inspiration in the most random concepts. Sometimes I will think about things that might be fun, but hard to get across using makeup, and I go with it!

Usually it transforms into something else by the time I’m done.


6. When did you decide to post your make up looks online? Were you nervous? Excited?

Back in the day I would practice doing creative looks and took pictures that I only got see because I never felt brave enough to post them.

Fast forward several years and a couple university degrees later and here I am! Finally posting!


I was definitely nervous wondering if people would like my “lil bit of everything” aesthetic, but so far I’ve felt super supported! I would definitely recommend people to just go for it!

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