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Battle of… the Chapsticks! Vaseline Aloe Vera vs. EcoLips Mongo Kiss Blood Orange

By: LatinoChiko

Welcome back to another double review for our “Battle of the” series!

Today, I will share my experience with two chapstick brands: Vaseline and EcoLips Mongo Kiss!

For the following pages, I am so excited to share my review of both products!

I will also let you know what my process is in picking chapsticks!

Find out which chapstick should be on your next shopping list!


I am ALWAYS on the hunt for chapstick because I am ALWAYS losing mine.

Well, I always find the current one I am using a few days later, so I am always needing to purchase them.

It is currently Winter and the weather is all over the place!

It is currently windy in LA, so a chapstick is a must have during this season.

When looking for a new chapstick, I have two requirements:

1. It keeps my lips moisturized for at least an hour

2. It tastes good. 

Now, let’s find out how these products did!


VASELINE Chapstick in Aloe Vera:

I first came across this chapstick at the 99 cent store! The store also carries different flavored ones, so go search for your perfect scented one!

I have used it religiously because of its affordability.


  • It is $1!
  • It fixes my cracked lips after a few applications!
  • The aloe vera scent is to die for! 


  • It is too oily/greasy!
  • It looks like I am wearing clear lip gloss sometimes!
  • No SPF in this product. 

ECOLIPS Chapstick in Mongo Kiss Blood Orange:

I just recently came across this product because I won it as a prize. I was confused as to what it was because of the packaging. Once you get your hands on one you will LOVE the packaging. I read a bit of the online description and I am happy it is an ethical product! Makes me want to purchase in the future. 


  • The smell and taste is heavenly!
  • It is cruelty free!
  • Helps women in “Africa create more self-worth while increasing their net-worth!”
  • No shiny look!


  • It is double the price of the other chapstick, retail price is $2.79.
  • No SPF in product either.


So, who wins?

I would have to say…. the ECOLIPS Mongo Kiss Blood Orange!!

I have been loyal to the Vaseline Aloe Vera chapstick for two years now, but it is time to move on to better products!

I recently started using it and I am already in love, so I will have to stock up on product! I know I am eventually going to lose current one.

The company also sent us a tweet letting us know they actually do carry a chapstick with SPF! I wonder what that one is like! What I do know is I am loving this company even more!

And… it gets better! Purchase your next chopsticks with this coupon code for 20% off! (CODE: ECOFANS)



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