Battle of… the Chapsticks! Vaseline Aloe Vera vs. EcoLips Mongo Kiss Blood Orange


So, who wins?

I would have to say…. the ECOLIPS Mongo Kiss Blood Orange!!

I have been loyal to the Vaseline Aloe Vera chapstick for two years now, but it is time to move on to better products!

I recently started using it and I am already in love, so I will have to stock up on product! I know I am eventually going to lose current one.

The company also sent us a tweet letting us know they actually do carry a chapstick with SPF! I wonder what that one is like! What I do know is I am loving this company even more!

And… it gets better! Purchase your next chopsticks with this coupon code for 20% off! (CODE: ECOFANS)

Please comment below and let me know what is your favorite chapstick! 

Review By: LAtinoChiko



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