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COVID-19: Our Story, Symptoms, Tips, and Recommendations

In these very hard times, it has been extremely hard on our team and their families. We want to express our solidarity with those facing the uncertainties that have come with the virus and continue to affect our communities today.

In the United States, the virus has been handled in a variety of ways and, more importantly, the most affected by the virus have been communities of color. Studies have since attempted to make sense of the virus as well as the disproportionate numbers in those who havr caught the virus. Even worst, the disproportinate number of people color dying due to the virus compared to white individuals pushes us to look at our health care sysyem a bit closer.

A study at Yale University found that “Black Americans are 3.5 times more likely to die of COVID-19 than white Americans. In addition, the team found that Latinx people are almost twice as likely to die of the disease, compared with white people.

from: (Published in June, 2020)

These findings only pushed me to share my family’s experience even more in hopes of helping others protect and inform themselves. I think telling our stories can help. We have lost loved ones and we want to honor their lives by being honest with others about what really happens when the virus hits home.

In this piece, I will share our story, list the various symptoms that were experienced, tips on how to find help/resources, and recommendations from our own experiences that we hope will help others in such a chaotic and stresful time.

Here’s our story…

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  1. My heart goes out to you and your family . Its really scary . I had one friend who had and he had the rashes too . He would text my fiancé when he was in quarantine . Plus some people at my fiance’s brother’s work had it too . We’ve been trying to be extra careful , wearing masks and not going out much at all . Thanks for this info . Some of these things I read in science journals and others I’ve heard from word of mouth.

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