Meet the Cosplayer: @mayan.goddess

7. Do you do cosplay events or competitions? Do you have a favorite you like to attend and why?

I don’t usually do competitions.

I don’t think I’m quite at that level to be honest.

Instead, I do conventions to make friends and inspire people around me.

My main effort, however, is my charity work.

I’m a Cosplayer with Kids Can Cosplay. Kids Can Cosplay does hospital visitations, homeless shelter visits, charity events, and conventions. I use my cosplay characters to connect with and inspire children to open their creative minds through cosplay.

I am a video game streamer on Twitch; Twitch is a service that allows me to play video games and connect with viewers live on the internet. There, I do monthly charity events for different non-profit organizations and often incorporate my cosplay to help raise funds.

Through the Twitch Charity events, I’ve raised over four thousand dollars for these organizations.

I also am part of a podcast called Geek Boots Military Nerds. Geek Boots is a group of men and women from each branch of service who are also in the Cosplay community. Every week, we discuss a variety of topics, from movies to comic books, to military life. It’s a way to connect with people like me to be themselves and know that they can take pride in their life stories as well.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. John says:

    Great interview and amazing cosplay. So wonderful the charity work you do and with kids too. You are amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you John! We have relayed your supportive and kind words to @mayan.goddess and she appreciates it so much !!


  2. Roger J Wright says:

    You are definitely an amazing young lady. You play your roles well, and you have nothing to worry about with your appearance…you are gorgeous… and you have a remarkable attitude. I think it’s great that you inspire young ladies…especially the shy and impressionable ones. Keep up the great work, and above all, have fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Roger! We have relayed your message to @mayan.goddess and she appreciates your words of encouragement and support!


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