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1st Youth Latinx Leadership Conference (YLLC)

You’re invited!

The First Youth Latinx Leadership Conference will be taking place on April 24th, 2021 and it will all be available to you in the comfort of your own homes! It is a family event, but this is a student-run event geared toward youth of color, specifically Latinx youth. But, everyone is absolutely welcome! This is a perfect place to learn about the history, culture, and politics of the Latinx community and how one can be a supportive ally from wherever you are!

Registration Link:

You can register here: 

Podcast Interview:

Listen to our Magazine Podcast interview with co-founders, Sophie and Hannah here.

About the Event:

The First Youth Latinx Leadership Conference (YLLC) will be an all-day interscholastic event that will take place on April 24th 2021. Latinx clubs, organizations, and individuals from all high schools in Southern California (and beyond) are welcome to attend, and we have Latinx student leaders from 11 high schools across California on the planning board. This event will entail Latinx speakers that will lead workshops and activities in a variety of fields, ranging from journalism and advocacy to medicine and business, all with a focus on celebrating Latinidad and inspiring the next generation of Latinx leaders. 

Mission Statement:

The YLLC hopes to foster an interscholastic community that celebrates Latinidad and provides education and resources to young Latinx student leaders. All profits from the event will go to supporting Latinx children at the border through Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children’s Services.


  • Everyone is welcome to register and attend!
  • Over 500 high school students from Southern California will be attending

Schools on Planning Committee:

Arcadia High School 

Baldwin Park High School

Blair High School

Beverly Hills High School 

Covina High School 

El Monte High School

Gabrielino High School 

Glendora High School 

Montebello High School 

San Marino High School 

South Pasadena High School 

Speakers/ Panelists/ Activity Leaders:

  • Founders of Emile Learning 
  • Gladys Aguilar – Harvard Education Ph.D candidate (research in Spanish-English Bilingualism)
  • Latina Chika Speaks Magazine
  • NBC4 Investigative Reporter, Lolita Lopez
  • Producers of Selena: The Series 
  • Rep. Grace Napolitano
  • Sen. Alex Padilla
  • Spectrum 1 News
  • SUMA Wealth
  • Various college representatives from:
  1. Harvard Graduate School LASO
  2. M.E.Ch.A De Georgetown
  3. Stanford Latino Alumni Association
  4. Yale University M.E.Ch.A 
  5. UPenn Huntsman Program

Student Leader Presentations:

  • Colorism
  • Latinx Pop Culture
  • History of Latinidad in the U.S.
  • Intercultural Discussions
  • Minority/Multiracial Leadership Panel

Download flyer below:

You can register here: 


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