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By: LatinoChiko

We are back with I TRIED ITEstilo Living Process !

I recently came across a friend’s product and…


Surprisingly, Estilo Living Process had a flash sale for Fourth of July this year, so I was able to purchase their Palo Santo Smudge Spray and two different scented hand sanitizers: Jasmine and  Citrus Grapefruit. I was able to purchase ALL of this for a low price of $14! These scents are from their Summer Collection!

Check out my review!


  • This company is very eco-conscious.
  • They make their ingredients simple and pure.
  • Handmade with lots of love.
  • They release different scents all year round!
  • It a small business located in Los Angeles and it is LATINA OWNED!

So, is it worth it?



  1. They personally design each and every package you purchase from them. Everything is hand painted, so I repurposed the box the products came in! This made me really happy because I hate bulky packaging that is not necessary.
  2. Their summer scents are to die for! The Sanitizing Sprays smelled like Jasmine and Citrus-Grapefruit. The smell isn’t too strong. I only spray once or twice, so you don’t need a lot to smell it either. The scents are so refreshing as well!
  3. The hand sanitizers are bottled in a 2 ounce amber glass spray bottle and a 2 ounce aluminum spray bottle… and guess what… they do not break! Even if they’re tossed around in a bag, fanny pack, or in your car!
  4. All hand sanitizers are house made with 70% alcohol, so they’re effective and ethically made which I love!
  5. The bottle size is perfect for travel! I take it on the go when I can’t carry around my hand sanitizer bottle—or can’t find it!
  6. The smudge spray is bottled in a transparent glass bottle. It is 16 ounces of their homemade Palo Santo scent and it smells so so good!
  7. You can use it as an air freshener or spray it onto yourself, your clothes, or your bed! Literally anything!
  8. They attached a how/what to use it and it was super easy to follow! Check it out below:


  1. Honestly, I do not have any negative experiences with any of the products I purchased!!!


Would I purchase this in the future?


I would totally recommend any and all products from Estilo Living Process! These products are made by a middle school friend and my review is 100% honest! These products are top knotch!

Also, they design their own stickers, which I have placed onto my water bottle and you can place on your laptop, phone, or wherever you’d like!

Estilo Living Process is having a pop up shop event on August 14 from 12-5 PM in Culver City, CA. I will be going with a friend and can purchase items on your behalf if you zelle me the money in advance!

Follow @EstiloLivingProcess on Instagram for more updates! You can also find their products @310CoffeeCompany! Please try the products and write back to me!

As always, this review was written based off of my experience and I hope you are able to experience it yourself!

SCORE: 10/10

Check out the magazine at :

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