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Podcast: Season 2 is a wrap!!!

Season 2 of our podcasts is officially complete!!!

Thank you for all the amazing support and feedback! We worked really hard this season to bring you content that was fun, creative, insightful, and empowering! It has been challenging, but absolutely worth it! We are so proud of the content we have given you!

This season we introduced you to two new podcast shows!

First, we introduced you to a super fun podcast titled COMADREANDO HOUR! Ana and Gaby have tackled quarantine, patriarchy, and even the digital/technology era!

Our second show, INTERSECTIONAL CONVERSATIONS impacted people so much that we ended up adding two segments to the show. We started the show with three amazing Latinas and their higher education stories. Ana, Jovita, and Lisbeth discussed their experiences both as undergrads and graduate students. They dug deep and talked about not only their own experiences, but also their parents! As children of immigrants, much of what we do is for them!

The, in a blink of an eye, we had two new segments for INTERSECTIONAL CONVERSATIONS! We welcomed two new amazing co-hosts: Gio y Vanessa! And, we introduced two new segments: Heart 2 Heart con Ana y Gio and Intercultural Discussions with Vanessa & Ana!

In the show, Heart 2 Heart con Ana y Gio, they discussed experiences in community college, working with survivors AS A SURVIVOR, and familial cycles of violence and healing.

In the show, Intercultural Discussions with Ana & Vanessa, they discussed their experience with racism growing up in their respective countries (USA and United Kindgdom) as daughters of immigrants, including experiences in college as adults.

Lastly, our magazine podcast saw many guests come by digitally (quarantine restrictions of course). We had the opportunity to interview Dina from Apex Vibrancy Center where we discussed the ancient method of acupuncture and non-Western traditional medicine and herbs. They also discussed the importance of supporting this method of medicine that so many have worked hard to gain respect in the US for and be included in the realm of coverage for clients. Check out this episode here.

Then, we had an amazing conversation with Gaby, the owner of Sabor A Mi Shop. We had such a good time talking about her amazing merchandise, such as t-shirts, crop-tops, handbags, doggie shirts, baby clothes, and stickers! As a matter of fact, it was so much fun that we decided thereafter that we were going to start a podcast together… and guess what…. COMADREANDO HOUR WAS BORN!!! Check out her interview here.

After that, we continued our conversations from Season 1 with different people regarding their experience as people of color in higher education. More importantly, they explained their majors and made connections to our cultures and histories as people of color to their disciplines.

First, we had a super informative conversation with Alex about her major in Communications, with a specialization in Intercultural Communications. She talks about this specialization and the differences within Communications. Lastly, she gives advice to those pursuing this degree. Check it out here.

Then, Ara came onto the show and talked about her experience in Philosophy as a woman of color and a Filipina specifically. She discusses the influences of Bruce Lee in pursuing her degree and gives advice to those who are interested in Philosophy. Check it out here.

Our final two guests represented their organizations and told us about events that they wanted to invite our listeners to. First, we had the amazing nonprofit, COMMUNITY LOVING and the its two co-founders, Morea and Jordan. They serve the communities in Southern California and focus on providing necessary resources and safe spaces. These two women of color are doing so much for their communities, you must listen to it here!

Lastly, we had a super amazing group of youth on our show with the cofounders of the Youth LatinX Leadership Conference (YLLC), Hannah and Sophie. They talked about their digital conference in Southern California this year and the amazing line-up they were able to bring together! You don’t want to miss out on hearing the experiences and perspectives from these intelligent young women in high school. Check it out here.


Go check out this amazing season or Season 1! Either way, you won’t be disappointed!

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