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By: LatinaChika

We are back with I TRIED ITNature’s Bounty Stress Comfort Fast Acting Calm Chewable Tablets!

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange of my honest opinion from NATURE’S BOUNTY and INFLUENSTER.

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  • One box contains 20 of Nature’s Bounty Stress Comfort Fast Acting Calm Chewable Tablets.
  • The flavor of these chewable tablets is a “Watermelon chill”
  • It also includes Zembrin Kanna- a fast acting plant extract with a long history of traditional use in South Africa for stress management
  • It is also 100% drug free, non-GMO, and safe for vegetarians!
  • The chewable tablets will dissolve quickly and provide a cooling sensation
  • Adults should chew one tablet per day when needed; allow tablet to dissolve before swallowing

So, is it worth it?



  1. Taste- it literally tastes like candy to me! Maybe, I am crazy, but it has such a sweet taste that it reminded me of fruity hard candy (but the more grainy kind). I enjoyed the watermelon flavor.
  2. Texture- I would compare the texture to a TUMS tablet. The directions ask that you chew it a bit and , then, let it dissolve on its own. It is a bit hard not chewing the tablet completely and eating it at first, but allowing it to dissolve is suppose to get it to have an affect faster.
  3. In one instance, I was working on planning my month and the tasks I needed to get done, but my stress levels began to rise when seeing everything I need to do this upcoming month. I decided to take a table to test it out and, to my surprise, it not only helped calm me down, but I seriously felt my migraine lessen as well. I was super happy with this result!
  4. Overall, when I took the tablets, I did feel a bit calmer after a few minutes. In some instances, it lessened my stress levels, but it did not completely take it away (which I think is absolutely okay since I do not think the chewable alone is enough for high stress levels).


  1. Taste – It also has this strong menthol type flavor as the tablet begins to dissolve. I would compare it to Mentos Hard Mints in the Intense Peppermint Flavor. I did find this a mixture of tastes a bit weird. After a few tablets, I got use to it. But, yes, it is not a mix I am really fond of.

I did not have any other negative experiences with this tablet.

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Would I purchase this in the future?


I would absolutely recommend this to friends and family (I already started!).

I plan to purchase this product in the future!

SCORE: 9/10

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