Welcome to our digital magazine, LATIN@CHIK@ SPEAKS MAGAZINE, here is a little about us!

We are a team of creative minds, which include LatinaChikaSpeaks, LatinoChiko, and Wango Photography! We love working together and we hope you enjoy what we have in store for you!

Below are our bios:


Instagram: @locadoctora


Artwork by @outlineskels on Instagram

I am a Latina in my 30s. I am half Salvadoran and half Mexican, a fun mix!

I have lived in a sunny state within the United States all my life.

I am currently a professor of Ethnic Studies, including Chican@/Latin@ Studies and Native American/Indigenous Studies.

When I started this website, I never imagined what it has become today and I hope you are having as much fun as we are!

Thank you everyone for ALL the support! We really appreciate it!

As always, keep making that art!

》》LatinoChiko 《《

Instagram: @le0nardoooo (number zero on first ‘O’)


Hey, I am LAtinoChiko!

I just graduated college with the aspiration of becoming a high school teacher or a social worker.

I am a Latino in his 20s and live in Southern California.

Everything I write about is strictly from my own experience.

As I write and document my experiences, I hope we can learn and grow together.

I do this for fun and for you to learn!

I am always open to your suggestions!

》》Wango Photography 《《

Instagram: @wangophotography


I am an amateur photographer.

I hope you are enjoying my photography.