I TRIED IT… Dial Professional Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant!

Welcome back to another review for our “I TRIED IT…” series! The product we will be reviewing today is Dial’s Professional Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant. In the following pages you will find out whether or not you should purchase this product in the future!

The Battle of… the Aluminum-Free Deodorants: Piperwai vs Lush

Welcome back to the Battle of… the aluminum-free deodorants! This battle will be between Piperwai (as seen on SharkTank) and LUSH T’EO Deodorant. By the end of this battle, you should have a better idea of which product fits your needs the best! In the following pages, the battle has begun!

I TRIED IT… LUSH T’eo Aluminum Free Deodorant

Today, we are trying something new! Are you ready??? For this review, LatinoChiko tried the winner of  the Battle of the Aluminum Free Deodorants between the LUSH deodorant and PIPERWAI deodorant. Below is his experience with LUSH deodorant, will he be just as impressed?? Find out in the following pages!