I TRIED IT… Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask

Welcome back to another review for our “I TRIED IT” series! LAtinoChiko here for another fun review of one of my favorite products… face masks!! I know with everything going on world wide, it is ALWAYS important to take care of yourself and prioritize your well being! According to some reports, 56% of California‚Äôs population…

WHY SHOULD I … try a sauna?

Welcome back to another piece for our “WHY SHOULD I” series! Today, we will discussing the benefits of a sauna visit! Come with us on this journey of exploration within the category of self care in the following pages!

I TRIED IT… Yes to Cotton Comforting Paper Mask

Welcome back to another review for our “I TRIED IT!” series! Today, I will be reviewing the new Yes to Cotton Comforting Paper Mask! In the next pages, you will find out if this mask is worth it!

The Battle of… MOISTURIZERS: Aveeno vs. Cerave

Welcome back to another battle for our “Battle of the…” series! Its LatinoChiko here! I am honored and excited to be here and share my experiences and tips! First, I would like to acknowledge that I identify as a male. I do not participate in the art of make up, but I do like to…

Battle of … the Mouthwashes: Listerine vs. Act

Welcome back to another double-review for our “Battle of the…” series! Today, we have the battle between the mouthwashes: LISTERINE versus ACT. Good teeth are important, especially for those of us who love to smile! Some things that go wrong in our mouths are hereditary and cannot necessarily be prevented. But, there are things we…