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Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to provide our genuine and creative selves to our community in the most loving and energetically-contagious way!

Our articles focus on everything from interviews with artists of different mediums to product reviews of items we love to beauty tips and tricks! We also are strong advocates of social justice, so you can find content focused on issues in our communities and those we support.

Please follow us on all of our social media accounts for more fun and interactive content! We do our best to provide you with daily content to keep you going throughout your day wherever you are!

We are VERY different from other magazines and we are PROUD of that! We actually strive for it and we hope we are doing a good job at it!

We are entertainment with a social justice twist!


We need various equipment to be able to continue to create content that is fun, but with better sound and picture quality!

We need technical equipment: microphones, backdrops, backdrop stands, camera lights, and computer screens.

We need support with editing video content and getting our podcasts’ episodes out faster!

We also would like to attend workshops and conferences focused on these topics: audio production, music production, visual production, and social justice-focused workshops/conferences/ events. We also have to pay for website domains and program memberships (such as Canva and video/audio editor programs).

If you wish to donate these some of these items, check out our Amazon Wishlist to directly to purchase items we are specifically interested in and have it sent to us with note to let us know how we can give you a well-deserve shout out!

Sponsorships and Collaboration Inquiries:

Support our Magazine and Podcasts!

By making a contribution, you will help us to make content that matter by helping us buy new equipment, pay for assistance when we need it, and even to help us start a merchandise store!

Thank you so much for your support! We could not do it without you!

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