Battle of the…

Want to see the showdown between various products? Here is where you will see all the reviews I have given between various products providing both pros and cons!

  1. Battle of the Black Liquid Eyeliners: STILA vs. MILANI vs. MAYBELLINE

2. Battle of the Mouthwashes: LISTERINE vs. ACT

3. Battle of the Aluminum Free Deodorants: Piperwai vs. LUSH’s T’eo

4. Battle of the Face Masks: Aztec Healing Clay Face Mask vs. Mario Badesco Flower and Tonic Face Mask

5. Battle of the Moisturizers: Aveeno vs. Cerave

6. Battle of the Mascaras: BENEFIT vs. MAYBELINE

7. Battle of the Makeup Brush Washers