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Welcome to our Garden Chisme Website!

Here, we talk about all things gardening and the connection to our ancestors and cultures through our soil and love!

We are small-scale home growers and we want to share with you our tips, tricks, and stories that we hope will help anyone starting their garden, a pro looking for ideas, or just curiosity… we hope you start your garden today!

The reality is… we need nature! For many of us, nature sometimes is a hidden gem in the urban cities many of us live in. Our strongest connection to nature has become the soil we can get our hands surrounding our homes. This includes plantitas you directly planted into the soil or into pots, raised beds, etc.

This page will hopefully inspire you and give you the help you need to keep your garden going!

We would love to hear from you! Where are you growing your plants? What are you growing? Is there something you want us to try? Is there something you want to know more about?

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