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Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to express our genuine and creative selves to our community in the most loving and energetically-contagious way!

We are committed to social justice and use our platform to educate and motivate! We are a magazine and podcasts run by people of color who are committed to their communities and making sure we are all supporting each other as best we can.

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Our History

Founded in 2019, LatinaChikaSpeaks Magazine was the product of a team ready to provide something to our communities that is important to us. Since then, we have had the opportunity to work with so many people globally that has simply amazed us!

As a digital publication, we have grown so much. It started with very small, but the team has grown immensely!

We have an amazing team of writers, artists, chefs, podcasters, photographers, and more that showcase the very best of everything, including the arts, entertainment, lifestyle, cosplay , travel, history, fashion, beauty, and social justice.

Whatever comes next for our magazine is due to the commitment and creativity of our entire team, as well as the support and donations from amazing supporters like YOU!

Thank you to all of our readers, supporters, and collaborators!

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