Ibarria Photo is founded by the belief in social justice and racial justice.

My name is Edgar Ibarria. I am a Chicano of Cora descent. I was born in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico but have lived in Los Angeles California almost all my life. I have a B.A. in Fine Art from California State University Los Angeles (CSULA), with a focus on painting. Throughout the project, my interest is to ultimately provide a story of identity that can be used in ethnic studies classes and serve as a tool to discuss Xicanx identity. Through the use of photographs, I explore hybridity to communicate post postcolonial experiences. 

Instagram: @ibarriaphoto

Email: ibarriaphoto@gmail.com

Website: edgaribarria.com


We want to give a big welcome to our newest member, IBARRIA PHOTO!!! We are so excited to bring you the amazing work and knowledge of such an amazing ART-isvist and scholar! My name is Edgar Ibarria. I am a Chicano of Cora descent. I was born in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico but have lived in…

IBARRIA PHOTO: The Broadway Project

The Broadway Project is a photo documentary that narrates the stories of residents in South Central Los Angeles. The work is motivated by the testimonies and history of 3rd, second and first-generation African Americans and Latinos living on Broadway. In learning and exploring the accounts of these individuals, we find the in-depth climate of trauma,…

IBARRIA PHOTO: Creating Concrete Dreams

Concrete Indigenous is a lyrical documentary of environmental portraiture of Chicanos indigenous people. In the project, I explore the life of indigenous people living in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The project is intended to expand the conversation regarding Chicano’s of indigenous descent; to communicate the intersectionality of Chicano identity and their relationship to…

IBARRIA PHOTO: In Times of the Rona

In the Times of Rona is a linguistic-based concept that narrates the experience of working-class people during the Covid19 pandemic. The inspiration came from my own isolation and contemplation during the Coronavirus. As a natural observer of life, I was curious about what was actually happening to other people. Sympathetic to everyone’s coping process, I…



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