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I am a Latina in my 30s. I am half Salvadoran and half Mexican, a fun mix! I have lived in a sunny state within the United States all my life. I am currently a professor of Ethnic Studies, including Chican@/Latin@ Studies and Native American/Indigenous Studies.When I started this website, I never imagined what it has become today and I hope you are having as much fun as we are! Thank you everyone for ALL the support! We really appreciate it! Like always, keep making that art!

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Writer, Content Creator

I am a Latino in his 20s and live in Southern California. I just graduated college with the aspiration of becoming a high school teacher or a social worker. Currently, I am a working in the field of education and plan to go back to school for my teaching credentials. Everything I write about is strictly from my own experience. As I write and document my experiences, I hope we can learn and grow together. I do this for fun and for you to learn! I am always open to your suggestions!

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PoKETO De Keto

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I love to cook! Please check out my keto-friendly and Mexican culture inspired recipes!



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